Nicole & Nate

We are completely smitten with Nicole and Nate! In less than two month these two amazing individuals will be become Mr & Mrs! Their love for each other is inspiring, exciting and so real. These are a few of the fun things we have found out about Nicole and Nate, their relationship, the ways they absolutely love each other and how Nate proposed! We are truly honored to be a part of creating the beginning to another chapter of their love story.


How Nate Proposed…

         Nate proposed to me on a Thursday. At this point in our relationship we never had time off together. He was coaching football at UNR and going to school for his Masters degree. Between football and school, he was at the University 12+ hours a day. Our only night off together was Thursday nights. On Tuesday night at work I got a text from him saying he had all day Thursday off and bought tickets for us to ride the train up to Truckee. Truckee is this really cute mountain town on the way up to Lake Tahoe with great shopping and yummy food. I was super excited; he rarely got a day off and this was something we had been talking about doing for a while. I was a little surprised he just bought the tickets without asking me first but I didn't think too much of it. That same Tuesday, my good friend Sonja called me and asked if I could help her little sister, Nadia, out with a school project on Thursday. I had told her I didn't think I could because Nate & I were going to Truckee and probably wouldn't be back until 4ish. She said it was going to be pretty quick and I could just meet up with her when we got back. Thursday morning came around and we went to the train station. Our good friends Bridgette and Zac came with us and it was a blast. We went out to brunch, shopped, and bar hopped (Nate wanted to calm his nerves I think) until we had to catch the train back. Everything was going great; Nate was acting completely normal! Once we got back to Reno, I was kind of dreading working on a "school project" with Sonja. Talk about a buzz kill :) I was complaining to Nate about not wanting to go help her because we were having such fun. He told me that he needed to "go help Zac unload wood out of his truck" anyways, so to go help Sonja and then we would meet up and go to dinner when we both were done. Deal. He went with Zac and Bridgette ended up coming with me to meet Sonja because her sister needed 3 people for the project. We met Sonja at Coffeebar and started on this "photography project". Her sister was out of town so she just left a syllabus with Sonja explaining what to do. Since it was the month of February, the whole "project" was based around LOVE and what it meant to us. With the syllabus was an envelope with the first clue to a scavenger hunt we were about to start. Throughout the first few stops we snapped pictures and videoed each other answering random questions about love… who makes us feel loved, how we feel loved, what acts of kindness that person does for us, etc, etc. I obviously based all of my answers on Nate. The third clue told us to drive to the Reno "R" to finish off the hunt/project. I had never even been to the "R" (a big white R painted on the side of the foothills above North Reno) but have heard Nate talk about it. I remember thinking to myself "this is going to take forever, so much for going to dinner with Nate". Out of the 3 of us, Sonja was the only one who "kinda" knew how to get there. We were kind of in a rush because we needed to get there before the sun went down. While we were driving, Sonja kept texting her sister (so I thought) to let her know where abouts we were in the scavenger hunt. We finally arrived close to the R and found the last clue. It had a little poem about love and at the bottom it said to look a few hundred feet in front of us. There were 3 pink hearts cut out & nailed onto sticks in the ground. The clue said for me to go to the heart in the middle, Sonja to the one on the left, and Bridgette to the one on the right. I literally looked at the girls and said "I feel like this should be a proposal!! Nadia went all out on this project!" We raced each other to the hearts and the moment I read my heart I never looked back. It read "Walk to the edge…" I walked maybe 10 feet and down at the bottom of a little hill was Nate sitting in a chair looking handsome as ever starring right at me. My heart sank and I covered my mouth in awe as I knew the moment I've been waiting for was about to happen! He stood up and came to take my hand and I honestly don't remember a word he said but I know it was perfect! He got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. We cried tears of happiness & popped champagne as we toasted to our love story. We celebrated the night with our friends and family and flew to Seattle the next morning for a surprise engagement honeymoon! The whole thing was absolutely perfect!


All about Nicole & Nate…. 

·      When and where did you first meet?We met in college in 2006!

·      When and where was your first date?Our first “real” date was out to dinner, but we did go to a chocolate shop on campus and got caramel apple pops together after we left the library one night, so we always consider that our first date :)

·      What city and state are you originally from? Nicole - Littleton, Colorado  Nate - Reno, Nevada

·      What was your first impression of each other? Nicole - I thought Nate was a major babe when I first saw him & I could tell he played football so I was immediately into him ;)  

         Nate-  “wow, I need to be around this girl more”

 ·      What do you love most about each other? How we make each other laugh & how well we get along

 ·      What is one of your favorite activities to do together? Going to brunch & spending time at the Lake!

 ·      Who takes longer to get ready? Nicole for sure!

 ·      Favorite colors? Nicole - gold Nate- blue

 ·      One of the most important things you want for your big day? Nicole - I want us to be “guests” at our wedding & not be stressed and worried about every detail. Nate- for Nicole to be happy & not stressed out!

 ·      Who will cry first on your big day? Nate!!! He’s a softie ;)

·      Who cheats at board games? We don’t really play board games, we play cards alot though! We play fair and square.

 ·      Who is better at keeping surprises? Nate

 ·      Who belts out to the tunes on a road trip? We both love to sing, we always say if we went on the show “singing bee”, we would be champs.

 ·      Are you both morning people? Night owls? Or one of each? One of each, Nicole is a morning; Nate is a night owl.

 ·      Who is a better dancer? Nate

 ·      Who spends more money? Nicole

 ·      What do you respect most about each other? Nicole- How hard Nate works & his honesty. Nate - Nicole’s honesty & faithfulness

 ·       Where did you first say, "I love you" In the hot tub at Nicole’s parents house right before she left for two month trip to Australia

 ·      What was the first thing that attracted you to each other? Well, obviously looks ;)

 ·      Who is better in the kitchen? Nicole

 ·      What is something you each do for each other that makes you feel the most loved? We write notes to each other & leave little messages around the house.

 ·      Tell us about an odd quirk each other has. Nicole- He tucks his sweatpants into his socks and looks like such a dork but he thinks it is so funny. Nate- How fast Nicole falls asleep!

 ·      When did you know you were in love? We knew we were in love before we even dated! When we first met, we were both in different relationships. So I think the fact we knew we couldn’t date made us fall for each other more.

 ·      What are you most looking forward to as a married couple? Buying a house & starting a family! But also being able to always have a partner to adventure with!