Sometimes life throws you into unforeseen directions. By chance, Jessica met Jeff, the love of her life, and moved from San Diego to the beautiful Carson Valley. This was where she met Emily, who at the time, was planning her wedding to her high school sweetheart, Derrol.  What started as careers in the medical field, led to a true realization of where their heart, soul and passion were.  A year later, the two planned Jessica’s stunning and breathtaking celebration. Amazingly enough, their love for creating events with layers upon layers of personality, thoughtful touches and awe-inspiring details continued to grow. A few daring couples hired the “amateurs.” What started as a novice adventure, quickly turned into positive, real and indisputable critiques. They had found their niche. Plus, spending only 40 hours a week together at the clinic just wasn’t enough.

After planning and coordinating more and more weddings together, the two quickly came to recognize how to utilize their creative inhibitions. The things they had always been passionate about were not random, it was their calling. Reflections of childhood memories brought back early displays of entrepreneurship and creativity. Inspiration continued to evolve. They began to envision the company and their dream of being professional innovators in the event industry.  By the same token, both live and breathe every detail, every locally sourced element, and every thoughtful impression into their company.


(pronounced 'juh-lee')

the name of the business, unfolded from conversations of ideas that
prompted the original idea and personality for the company; beauty, fun and sophistication


“We truly feel blessed after every single event. It is an honor to be invited into the lives of others and help create an indescribable feeling, a moment that is never forgotten. We believe love is in the details. That little extra. This is our version, our story. The things that make us happy and inspire us. The little things that make life grand.”

Love, Jessica & Emily